You were wild once! Don’t let them tame you!

Isadora Duncan

Research genesis

The character of Salome originates from a brief, unnamed mention in the christian New Testament, Gospels of Mark and Matthew, yet has inspired vast and substantial cultural retellings including painting and sculpture, opera, ballet, theatre and films.

  • What is it about Salome’s character and contribution that is compelling enough to keep her alive throughout the ages?
  • How have her story and her character been adapted over time to reflect expressions of femininity in each age?
  • What information does Salome offer that is valuable to a contemporary audience?
  • What form would best serve the story of Salome for a modern retelling?

At different periods throughout history, dancing has been banned by governments who feared its potential as a source of social chaos. Professional dancers have been seen as the most dangerous of all women, a reflection of the idea that men are powerless to resist temptation when it’s put on display.

Wendy Buonaventura, Something in the Way She Moves