Chronology of retellings

year 0 ->

  • 1435

    Salome Bringing the Head of the Baptist to Herodias: painting

    Masolino da Panicale, Italy

  • 1515

    Salome with the Head of John the Baptist: painting

    Titian (Tiziano Vecelli), Italy

  • 1870

    Salomé: painting

    Henri Regnault, France

  • 1870

    The Daughter of Herodias: poem

    Arthur O’Shaughnessy, Great Britain

  • 1876

    Salome and the Apparition of the Baptist’s Head: painting

    Gustave Moreau, Paris

  • 1877

    Herodias: short story

    Gustave Flaubert, France

  • 1884

    À rebours (Against the Grain): novel

    Joris-Karl Huysman, France

  • 1892

    Salomé: stageplay

    Oscar Wilde & Aubrey Beardsly, Great Britain

  • 1896

    Poster for the fifth Salon de la Rose+Croix: painting

    Armand Point & Léonard Sarluis, France

  • 1898

    Dance of Salome: painting

    Armand Point, France

  • 1905

    Salome: opera

    Richard Strauss, Germany

  • 1907

    La tragédie de Salomé: ballet

    Florent Schmitt, France

  • 1908

    Salomé: opera

    Antoine Mariotte, France

  • 1918

    Salome: film

    J. Gordon Edwards (Theda Bara), US

  • 1923

    Salome of the tenements: novel

    Anzia Yelierska, US

  • 1948

    Salome: Orchestra for ballet

    Akira Ifukube, Japan / US

year 1950 ->

  • 1953

    Salome: film

    William Dieterle (Rita Hayworth), US

  • 1961

    King of Kings: film

    Nicholas Ray (Brigid Bazlen), US

  • 1988

    King Ink: poetry

    Nick Cave, US

  • 1988

    Salome’s Last Dance: film

    Ken Russell (Imogen Millais-Scott), US

  • 1990

    Skinny Legs and All: novel

    Tom Robbins, US

  • 1991

    The Salome Dancer, The life and times of Maud Allan: biography

    Felix Cherniavsky, Canada

  • 1998

    Johnny 316 (Hollywood Salome): film

    Erick Ifergan (Nina Brosh), US

  • 1999


    Carol Ann Duffy, Scotland

  • 2002

    Salomé (flamenco): film

    Carlos Saura (Aída Gómez), Spain

  • 2003

    Something in the way she moves, Dancing women from Salome to Madonna: non fiction

    Wendy Buonaventura, US

  • 2004

    Opera adaptations, Vol. 3: graphic novel

    P. Craig Russell, US

  • 2004

    Salome and other decadent fantasies: non fiction

    Brian Stableford, US

  • 2008

    The Veil, Women writers on its history, lore and politics: non fiction anthology

    Jennifer Heath, US

  • 2013

    The Image of a Woman Who Never Was; Salome: Nymph, Seducer, Destroyer: non fiction

    Rosina Neginsky

  • 2013

    Bad Girls: non fiction

    Jane Yolen & Heidi Stemple, US

  • 2013

    Performing Salome, revealing stories: non fiction

    Clair Rowden, UK