Hallucinogens provide an unveiling experience

Tangentially Speaking episode 183 – Dan Engle (Funky Shrink)

Chris Ryan and guest Dan Engle talk about hallucinogens as providing an “unveiling” experience about the world and our place in it.

How is this related to the practice of keeping women veiled to control their power?

Men who feel weak in the presence of feminine / earth power, rather than learn to either discipline or open to their responses, put responsibility on the cause of their discomfort. They eliminate the temptation instead of examining their response.

Men who seek a transcendent experience with hallucinogens are moving toward an understanding of their own power, and the power of the world around them, which usually involves insight about the beauty of the planet herself. Women’s bodies and sensuality are associated with earthly beauty and sensuality. If a man becomes comfortable with this aspect of the world, he is less likely to need to veil the women around him.

If hallucinogens are the means for a hyper masculinized culture to experience unveiling, so be it.